Thursday, April 14, 2011


sis went to KL today....

as always, she met my fiance at the terminal 

to pass Bewan [ikhwan zakaria]'s and Amer's bday cards
[ok...i'm jealous...i want to meet him too!! :(]

just wanna surprise him with a simple card

ok..last minute idea...[which meant..i didnt have any idea at all =_=!]

thats the card!!

really didnt know what to i just sketched a simple flower and coloured it with poster colour, and make the outline using a pen...
as easy as that!
i purposely make the colour a bit abstract [what's the right term +_+]

the inside part
just paint the whole page with poster colour [again..]

i wrote this poem directly on the card with a pen!!
truly spontaneous phrases from the bottom of my heart ^_^

more pics...


i didnt have time to make the envelope...i just put the card in a paper bag :P

p/s: do you like it, dear?

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