Wednesday, February 24, 2010


suddenly i felt like painting a shoe [should i say a pair of shoes??]
but i dont have any plain white shoes!!!!
just take my niece's school shoes as an experiment..!!!

in the making....

can she go to school with this??

ok....there was a technical problem...
i sketched the flower using non-waterproof marker
so the result isn't so good
but i highlighted it with the fabric marker and add on some glitter sparkles

..and this is the "victim"..haha...the owner of the shoes :P

Saturday, February 13, 2010


13 FEB 2010

dont know why my family been so artistic today

so here are some pics

bro playing with aerosol spray

sketched by me (actually it was for the kids to colour....but it was too big for them0
outdoor meeting....waiting for me to offer my colours..huhu

we~playing with acrylic

(sis+big bro+lil sis)

our hands

excited nieces
aleesha in action
aleeya in action
with daddy's art
coloured by them!

sketched by me, coloured by bro n sis
by cahaya

our art

Tuesday, February 9, 2010



Meeting My Beloved Uncles

Central Market

Kuala Lumpur

Gopa & Aris Aziz

CK+Gopa@Art Smart Gallery

with my beloved uncle aris yang semakin kurus!!

me n the postcards -presents from uncle aris
Gopa capturing me while i was looking at Aris aziz's camera....hahah
rasa cam top star kejap :P

with uncle aris's painting~sold for 3K

adults' meeting

hahahha..but CK = special case :P

a set for me

artist at work

with uncle Nazmi

Art Smart Gallery

Batik class 2010

8 / 2 / 2010

Batik Class

Gajah Gajah Gallery

gettimg started

looks like a rose!!

ready for colouring!

my 1st piece!!!

while drying up the 1st batik....
this is not my sketch....heheh...

my god father wanna do it too!!

drying session


**thanks to mama zakiah, uncle yusof gajah n abah gopa!!!