Friday, April 22, 2011


as my cousin and my bestie love the Jack Skellington character in Nightmare Before Christmas,
i decided to make a card with it..

ok...i changed my plan......i made two bookmarks!!

i've been surfing about tea bag a few days ago and found some interesting and easy tutorials

i just tried folding one kimono for fun actually..but it turned i made another 1..
in stead of pasting the kimono on the card's cover, i got the idea to use it as the casing for the bookmarks [brilliant idea, huh? no need to make the envelopes for the cards then ^_^]

the tutorial is here

so here are the photos:

this one for awin, my bestie...
bday 28th april...gonna give her earlier for her exam!!

and this one for Alyssa, my cousin...
bday 17th april...gonna fly this to Australia!


awin and her present!!!
thank God she loves it so much :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


simple painting for the cover
last minute card for my aunt
poster colour

Thursday, April 14, 2011


sis went to KL today....

as always, she met my fiance at the terminal 

to pass Bewan [ikhwan zakaria]'s and Amer's bday cards
[ok...i'm jealous...i want to meet him too!! :(]

just wanna surprise him with a simple card

ok..last minute idea...[which meant..i didnt have any idea at all =_=!]

thats the card!!

really didnt know what to i just sketched a simple flower and coloured it with poster colour, and make the outline using a pen...
as easy as that!
i purposely make the colour a bit abstract [what's the right term +_+]

the inside part
just paint the whole page with poster colour [again..]

i wrote this poem directly on the card with a pen!!
truly spontaneous phrases from the bottom of my heart ^_^

more pics...


i didnt have time to make the envelope...i just put the card in a paper bag :P

p/s: do you like it, dear?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


sorry la mak tam baru tahu on the day tu gak...paktam kamu la ni lambat bagitau...

so here's a simple pop up card for your 9th birthday :)

the cover
simple pop up

in and out!

p/s: amer is rizzy's nephew :P

Monday, April 4, 2011


its my future bro in law's birthday today!

i knew him before i'm attached to his younger bro..hehe...he's my art friend in kapasitor too

A4 size card
last minute design...just knew his birthday few hours ago +_+

does it look like a fly??
this is the cover for the bday boy who is working on his PhD thesis [about flies n dead bodies?? nahh...u should be working with CSI, bro O_~]