Saturday, February 19, 2011


i just cant run away from making craft+art

my engagement with the specky multi-talented art  partner must be something too, rite?

i took 1 month to make these "hantaran", the unique Malay tradition for engagements and weddings
[its actually just some gifts for both sides....decorate and put them on the.......errr..what do we call it in english? tray?? huh....sounds weird =_=!]

the boxes...i made 10..including the container for the cake...but just use 9.

hand painted shoes for Rizzy

 9 cards 9 poems just for you!

some of the hantaran

 dua orang gila seni :P

thanks to abah Gopa sebab datang jauh2 :)

for more details about the crafty "hantaran"..visit Rizzy & CK official blog :)

Friday, February 18, 2011


all this while...i wondered how to dry fresh flowers...hmm.... i had some balance of fresh flowers for my engagement last week, i tried to make the experiment :)

 these are the roses that future mother law put in the symbolic "tepak sireh"

cool, right?

chrysanthemums on the "hantaran" [gifts] from me for him

not so good for this one..but better than wasted just like that, right?

p/s: jadi sape2 nak bagi saya fresh flowers tu silalah ye.....tiada alasan "nanti layu" :P

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


terjumpa plak sketch lama....rasanye ni zaman2 awal kolaborasi CK_Rizzy..bulan 8 kot...2010...didnt know why i sketched this...i didnt even know that feeling was already in me...hmm...maaf sebab membina tembok hipokrasi yang melukakan kamu..
oh ya...lukisan ini juga pernah diubah sedikit dalam usaha "menipu" perasaan sendiri ..tapi GAGAL!!
[you can never lie in art :P]

pencil on paper, A4

p/s: conteng2 sambil voice call dengan kamu..