Sunday, November 29, 2009


i'm leaving for JB this evening
will be back on weds
its been a year since my last "date" with Dr. Ungku Kamariah
and Cik Ifa (physiotherapist) ...
what do they both aspect from me for the whole year?
they know its permanent
what would they say if the know that i'm pushing myself too hard lately?
especially Dr.Ungku..huhu...
wish me luck!!!

so these two cards are for them...the pain management crew
just a simple design....dont have so much time...just want to show them what i did this year

card cover for  Cik Ifa

card cover for Dr Ungku

doc ungku's card

my poem for her

simple pop up

simple butterfly...last minute work


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the magic box of friendship

last minute project
a simple gift for my classmate back in convent
her family is moving to KL next week
we will miss her so much!!
will try our best to meet whereever n whenever we can
she always can come back to kluang
our homes are her homes too
reunion wont be the same without her

the magic box of friendship
top view
so sad putri cant join us tomorrow as she has to do her works..
medic students are always busy!!

open up
the unlucky girl's name is mimi..

front view

the right side

the left side
(same as the right)

the back part

behind the scene
huhu...i put my name at the back...below everything :P
my thumb print??
matahari dah berpindah kat jari saya!!

mimi n the gift


Sunday, November 22, 2009


just realized that a friend's birthday is coming...
on 24th November!!!
i know the card will arrive at his place a lil bit late
but it's ok....better late than nothing, right?
so this is my really last minute birthday card for

uncle Siso(kopratasa)

ready for my 3rd try of pop up card
first try in popping up a cake
online tutorial again!!!

the card cover
using my old drawing (the photocopy)
this is one of my favourite

the inside
so here is the pop up cake
i didn't design too much on the cake as i was focusing on the pop up
(make sure it pop up properly...huhuhu...harder than i thought..actually it is a simple work but have to do everything carefully+gently!!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


my 1st niece
will turn 5th
on this wednesday
i promise her a birthday card

the cover
comot sikit

my 2nd try of pop up cards
just a simple one

cute aleeya holding a balloon

the flower
side view

the flower n the legs
top view

hopes she'll love it!!
her lil sis (aleesha) asked for 1 too

...and she really loves it!!
pic taken by aleesha

look at her smile

Monday, November 16, 2009


next thursday is very special
someone very special in my life
going to be 23
as usual
i cant be there
can't buy him a present too
bese la penganggur ni kan..huhu
just this i can make for him

the cover
i actually planned to give him the original drawing
but turned out the photocopy is better
so i use the copy instead of the ori
i broke the record!!!
never drew so many people in one piece of paper before
(the records were only 2 ~max)
i don't know wheter he'll like it
coz I'm not really happy with it

this is the inside part
just done it tonight :P
not really good but it's ok
my first try for pop up card
i learned it online!!

close up a bit

flat view

last minute work...quite messy
+....i'm not feeling well today...

p/s: i really don't know how we gonna end...but i will always remember how we started back in 2005..and lets enjoy the moment for now..may Allah bless u always, Mr. S...

Thursday, November 12, 2009



kawan dari sekolah rendah sampai sekolah menengah
nak kawin minggu depan
(bak kata ayah angkat aku...budak2 lagi dah nak kawin...22tahun..ok la kot..dah sampai seru die..)
nikah 19 hb...majlis 21hb
x dapat pegi sebab dia buat kat kampung
jauh nun di penang
so ingat nak bagi ni kat dia..
mood nak melukis x bape ade ni
saje nak bagi puisi tentang perkahwinan tu
puisi tu ada kat blog satu lagi..
buat tahun 2004 masa abg nak kawin dulu
mak wat muke je tengok tulisan tu...
uhuk2...nak wat camne...anak mak tulisan dia camni..
lukisan taraf kanak2...tulisan pun taraf kanak2 gak..
yang penting ikhlas
takkan nak mintak mak tuliskan pulak
[tulisan mak saye memang lawa :)]

p/s: lupa nak letak tajuk puisi tu kat ctu..tajuk dia JANJI

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


At last................................................................
the long day has come to the end....
and the cake for the Teacher Thila's son is finally done!!!!
well this is my FIRST customer in baking something....
never thought of doing a business before :P
hope u and your classmates will like it

finally done!!
she said i can decorate it my way
so just use the sweet like my niece's cake
(i just use what i have in the kitchen)

edited pic

playing with the cooking choc

dont have the courage to decorate so many thing directly on the cake
so i stand my drawing on it

promo my blog to the Tamil school...huhu :P

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Art Of Baking 2 (chocolate cake)

it's aleesha's birthday!!!
i baked a cake for her...

the chocolate cake

birthday girl

she with her friends n teachers

LiL Marsha enjoying her cake

the principal~teacher Thila
her son's birthday is on 11/11/09
she ordered a cake today!!!
my first customer in baking..huhu
wish me luck :)

si kecil itu anak orang
ditatang minyak tertumpah
disayang nampak marah
nakal terlebih pandai tak kurang
lagi ditegah lagi diulang

suka hatinya yang berduka
jangan berani diduga
diam bersama nenda
sendiri berdiri berdikari
berpisah bukan dipisahkan
bahana cinta duniawi

bulan dan matahari
berhenti mati
semua perlu dibelek
dikaji mental emosi
diteliti fizikal jasmani
dirakam setiap detik aktiviti
kemaskini diari perjalanan
tahun ketiga kehidupan
sebelum yang keempat memberi salam
menjelang tengah malam

8 NOV 2009
~22:50 pm~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Art Of Baking

Preparation for 
Aleesha's 4th Birthday Party 

 cookies for her schoolmates

 Chocolate Ring the Ginger Bread Man Version


~~Board Meeting~~
before being packed

p/s: click on the photo to enlarge

Friday, November 6, 2009


1st try using water colour after .....(bape tahun eh??)

kali terakhir guna warna air kat sekolah dulu kot...kelas seni last pun form masa tu bukan guna poster colour ke?

i'm already 22 now....just imagine how long since i last touched those colours....

 pencil sketching (without erasing anything)

 see...even my Big Blueberry Bear hate it!

malas nak adjust la...i really hate that GREEN heart =_=!

so here's a poem i wrote the day after that water colour disaster ....


hari ini sama dengan semalam
kelmarin dan hari-hari sebelumnya
semua seangkatan
tak banyak membezakan

hari ini masih membenci semalam
kasihan semalam
tak tahu hujung pangkal
tiba-tiba dibenci
kasihan sekali

gagalnya semalam
bukan satu kegagalan
gagalnya semalam
masih boleh dijayakan
gagalnya semalam
jangan dipadam
jahit dalam ingatan
kelak jangan diulang
belajar dari pengalaman

hari ini akan jadi semalam
sebaik esok bertandang
apalah dosanya menjadi semalam
esok datang pasti menghilang.

18:00 pm
~4 nov 2009~

~cahaya kekasih~