Friday, April 22, 2011


as my cousin and my bestie love the Jack Skellington character in Nightmare Before Christmas,
i decided to make a card with it..

ok...i changed my plan......i made two bookmarks!!

i've been surfing about tea bag a few days ago and found some interesting and easy tutorials

i just tried folding one kimono for fun actually..but it turned i made another 1..
in stead of pasting the kimono on the card's cover, i got the idea to use it as the casing for the bookmarks [brilliant idea, huh? no need to make the envelopes for the cards then ^_^]

the tutorial is here

so here are the photos:

this one for awin, my bestie...
bday 28th april...gonna give her earlier for her exam!!

and this one for Alyssa, my cousin...
bday 17th april...gonna fly this to Australia!


awin and her present!!!
thank God she loves it so much :)

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