Monday, April 4, 2011


its my future bro in law's birthday today!

i knew him before i'm attached to his younger bro..hehe...he's my art friend in kapasitor too

A4 size card
last minute design...just knew his birthday few hours ago +_+

does it look like a fly??
this is the cover for the bday boy who is working on his PhD thesis [about flies n dead bodies?? nahh...u should be working with CSI, bro O_~]


••♥shidaradzali♥•• said...

lalat tu nmpk comel :)

Cahaya Kekasih said...

katak mmg suke lalat comel kan...haha

••♥shidaradzali♥•• said...

jap2 ak tnye kt katak sebelah ni eh die ske ke kat lalat comey~~~

^_^ V

Cahaya Kekasih said...


••♥shidaradzali♥•• said...


ak dah tnye tp die x kte ape pon :P

Cahaya Kekasih said...

diam tandanye setuju :P