Tuesday, August 23, 2011


don't know why i'm so not in the mood of making eid cards this year...kind of tired being sunshine =_=

but i still made a few for the vvip [plus friends who sent me one :P]

this is for Kamalia
i didn't plan to give her one as for last year's card did not reach her place 
[tak tahu la postman bawak pegi mana +_+]
but again...she gave me card last week!! how sweet of her....so again..i'm trying to reply...hopefully she'll get it :)

my fiance chose this!
we plan to send each other a card...as for we're gonna live in the same house next year!
first and last  time celebrating ramadhan and syawal as fiance ^_^

for a Facebook friend who has the same name as mine 
she said she want to send me one too....not sure about that :P

for my beloved english teacher in primary school, Cikgu Ali Udon

specially for my great teacher, Cikgu Azami Ibrahim!

another FB+blogger friend, Wanie.
at first, she chose this one...but she seemed to adore the above card after i already wrote it all...too late to change T_T

taraaaaa....my Lady Bird Eid Cards series :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


*Mat dan Bunga*
first try doodling via paint
kind of fun but quite hard to control the mouse
 [havent practice for so long...no more doodle IMvirontment via YM..huhuhu]
hey..i sketched a hand there!!

*Jejak-jejak Sunyi*
the 2nd piece of the nite
the brush was great too [or spray??]