Tuesday, September 15, 2009


last week i bought this at Giant

kids canvas art set~rm7.89 (lebih kurang la tak ingat harga)

this is the picture
(dah siap ada...tinggal warna je)

dari jauh nampak macam ok sikit...this is the real colour (the painting..the wall is actually pink)
sebenarnya warna sangat terang...
tapi camera lama ni memang macam ni...huhu...miss my canon..(dua bulan lagi baru dapat balik camera tu..anta betul)

front view

the colouring result:
~frog = not good enough
~siput n ulat ape ntah tu = ok
~sky = not bad
~grass = OUT!!
~mushroom = great

my niece loves it so much!

p/s: i'm not good with brushes =_=!


Anonymous said...

hi cahaya,

didn't give a chance to comment,
maybe it's the camera?

what's the main diff between acrylic and pencil colour?

p/s 'back to the future' flower buds looks sad despite the bright colours.

Cahaya Kekasih said...

hi....ya the camera is quite a prob...huhu..but that 1st coloured result is similar to the real one...

the real canvas looks much2 colourful than the pic...

acrylic is liquid..like poster colour..but it'll last much2 longer...

p/s: huhu...u detect that too :P
a teacher (she didnt each me..she's new there) at the same school comment that too...hehe