Friday, May 11, 2012


it's been a while since my last update
life was busy with the wedding and moving to KL with hubby
[sometimes i still cant believe that i'm now married to my art crime partner ~_O]

moving to a new place meant i have to adapt to the new environment
i brought boxes [just 2] of my art tools
but still cant find the mood to do anything
at the same time, me and Rizzy are so bored of being such a typical married couple 
we miss being US
who were so crazy into ART.

since before, I was so curious to Rizzy's wacom.
and last night I did put my hand on it!
it gave me quite a headache due to staring and focusing too much for the 1st try
but wasn't that hard actually.
way easier  than i thought :P

is that my drawing? hahahahhahahahahah

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