Saturday, February 19, 2011


i just cant run away from making craft+art

my engagement with the specky multi-talented art  partner must be something too, rite?

i took 1 month to make these "hantaran", the unique Malay tradition for engagements and weddings
[its actually just some gifts for both sides....decorate and put them on the.......errr..what do we call it in english? tray?? huh....sounds weird =_=!]

the boxes...i made 10..including the container for the cake...but just use 9.

hand painted shoes for Rizzy

 9 cards 9 poems just for you!

some of the hantaran

 dua orang gila seni :P

thanks to abah Gopa sebab datang jauh2 :)

for more details about the crafty "hantaran"..visit Rizzy & CK official blog :)


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