Thursday, March 25, 2010


another friend get married this evening
we've been growing up together...went to the schools together..
even though she's my senior..just a year older..but i never treat her like one!
she loved to play with young kids..burning the firecrackers back at my kitchen....joined them as she behaved like one too
my childish friend now has grown up [hope this marriage would make her a bit matured]
i cant believe i am touched and sad ...thinking that she's going to move away from JB...
i am really going to miss you, miza!

the cover
i pasted the drawing on black foam paper

i made an envelope [sugar paper] and pasted it inside the card.

the poem is inside the envelope


tarikh keramat
setelah sekian lama
mendalami hati menyelami fikiran
termeterailah sumpah janji
dua insan...sepasang kekasih
dengan lafaz akad
berwalikan si ayah

janji yang dilafazkan
bukan sembarangan
bukan mainan
ia sumpah penyatuan
dua hati
dua keluarga
dua tanggungjawab

the envelope
i didnt have so much time to make one so i just bought it...and sketch with marker pens

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