Sunday, December 20, 2009


i was suppose to practice with my tone, line n bla bla bla....
a friend taught me about lighting n bla bla bla...those basics that actually were taught by art teachers back in school
(but i studied the theory just to pass the exam before...never succeed in teacher drew n coloured for me in class..can u imagine???)
he asked me to practice with something real
something in front of me
i drew a glass with him at the mall
huhu...not really good at it..
i love to use my imagination a lot
and do it my way...
but i like to learn something new too...
just to know even not really practicing it in my life

after doing just 1 sketch of some REAL

err....what is this??

but then my imagination flew away..
higher n higher...

i saw the car as a fish

err....coconut or tomato??

 poor bunny...
would the teacher be mad at her??
she just practice once
and her imagination gone too far
the car became a fish
the coconut looked like a tomato
everything was way too far from real


+ shiedefu + said...

glass da jd botol susu?

pricon said...

Sounds like Alice in Wonderland... hehe.

Cahaya Kekasih said...

shida~ pic gelas tu aku x aku letak apa aku practice sendiri je kat umah

pricon~ hahah...membina imaginasi cemerlang :P