Monday, November 16, 2009


next thursday is very special
someone very special in my life
going to be 23
as usual
i cant be there
can't buy him a present too
bese la penganggur ni kan..huhu
just this i can make for him

the cover
i actually planned to give him the original drawing
but turned out the photocopy is better
so i use the copy instead of the ori
i broke the record!!!
never drew so many people in one piece of paper before
(the records were only 2 ~max)
i don't know wheter he'll like it
coz I'm not really happy with it

this is the inside part
just done it tonight :P
not really good but it's ok
my first try for pop up card
i learned it online!!

close up a bit

flat view

last minute work...quite messy
+....i'm not feeling well today...

p/s: i really don't know how we gonna end...but i will always remember how we started back in 2005..and lets enjoy the moment for now..may Allah bless u always, Mr. S...

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